Enhanced Patient Protection Plan

We are dedicated to create a safe, individualized care environment for each patient. Check out the steps Oakley Oral Surgery is taking to keep you safe and protected: 

By making our office the safest possible, we can return to focusing on your needs and goals:

We have taken it upon ourselves to exceed the standards being set by the Centers for disease control (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA), and the American Association of Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS). Keeping our promise to you to do the best possible when it comes to providing your care. Creating these 3 layers of protection keep us all safer.

3 Layers Of Our EPPP:

The first layer of protection in our EPPP plan is Air Management and Decontamination. Adding a layer of protection with air management creates another barrier to protect you from the spread of Respiratory viruses. You can be exposed to respiratory viruses like COVID 19, the Flu, and the Cold without even touching another person. To catch a respiratory virus all you have to do to get sick is breathe the air the virus is floating around in.

The second layer of protection is the use of Advanced Personal Protection Equipment. While adding an additional step to complete a comprehensive 5 minute decontamination process. We have tailored Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to each area of the office to protect you. During your surgery we will be wearing N95 or similar masks, lace shields/goggles, hats, full length gowns, and gloves to provide the highest level of protection available.

Social distancing is our third layer of protection. We understand that maintaining proper separation from each other is the best way to prevent the spread of an infection. Wherever possible we have created opportunities to promote social distancing.

Enhanced patient protection plan (EPPP)

The fact that a COVID 19 virus can spread without physical contact is
what makes it so much more contagious than a virus that needs
physical contact to spread like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. 

The actual physical size of the virus makes protecting ourselves from the virus even harder because standard infection prevention precautions may not be 100% successful in the dental office. This is why we have chosen to create the best possible protection that we can we have created a layered approach to safety. By adding layers of protection so that if the virus should get into the office it would have to get past 3 separate barriers before it could be spread to you or my team.

The significance of COVID 19 is that until we have vaccine or can know everyone who actively has Covid 19 we have to protect ourselves as if everyone might be able to spread the disease because the 15% of the people who get infected can get very sick requiring medical care and a smaller per percentage can die. Protecting you from getting infected is our goal. We have implemented multiple units of hospital grade, hyper HEPA filter decontamination units throughout the office which will remove particles down to .003 microns, smaller than even the corona virus. The health and safety of you and our team has always been our primary concern as we work with you to achieve your treatment goals. 

When you come to our office you will see our air management systems in place. They are strategically positioned around the office to create ideal airflow and decontamination. We have named our air scrubbers ‘Spot (less)’ and we want you to know they are working hard to protect you.

Oakley Oral Surgery wants you to be reassured that we have gone to the same lengths to find the best option to protect.