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We are an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice committed to the oral health of each patient that enters our office. We honor this commitment by providing our patients with the most accurate and latest information of oral disease, so they may make the most informed decisions concerning their treatment goals and the processes necessary to reach those goals. We focus on proactive treatment for oral disease. We embrace our role alongside other dentists as co-therapists in the simultaneous treatment of our patients. We look forward to building lasting, satisfying and loyal relationships with our patients as well as their dental and health care professionals in order to deliver the highest quality of health our patients desire.

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​We deliver quality and service to our patients through our pursuit of technical excellence in all areas of oral and maxillofacial surgical treatment, and we are committed to the time and attention necessary to tailor our patients’ treatment to each of their individual needs and desires.

Our Logo

This logo represents how our office cares for our referring dentists and patients. Each of the squares represents one of the participants in the care of our patients. One gray square represents our office, another gray square represents the restorative or referring doctor and the last gray square represents the patient that we are treating. The “O” that is formed by the cubes ties all of these entities together. It represents our team striving to help each patient transform his or her life to better health. This transformation of the patient is shown by the single orange square.

Dr. Oakley has been in practice since 1993.  As we celebrate our 30th year in 2023, we want to thank all of our referring doctors and staff for trusting your patients to our care.  We take that trust VERY seriously!