Great Plains Study Club

The Great Plains Study Club was started by Dr. Oakley in 1997 and is a local chapter of the Seattle Study Club. The Seattle Study Club network is recognized as one of the most advanced continuing education groups for dental professionals in the world. Members participate in hands-on demonstrations, problem-solving workshops, panel discussions and clinical treatment planning sessions. The Seattle Study Club network consists of over 250 affiliated clubs around the world with a combined membership of 6,700 dentists.


2022-2023 Great Plains Study Club Program

2021-2020 Great Plains Study Club Program         

2021-2020 Dental Hygiene Study Club

 2021-2022 Member Roster



Any doctor who chooses to be part of the Great Plains Study Club is a conscientious devotee to the field of dentistry and should be commended for their continued commitment to their professional development and education and quality care of their patients. GPSC is a comprehensive, continual and collaborative learning program for this community.