Happy Birthday, Alexa!!!

Today, we’re not only celebrating a birthday, we’re also introducing YOU to our newest surgical assistant: Alexa! If you have visited Dr. Oakley’s office within the last couple months, you’ve most likely met Alexa… and we hope you enjoyed her as much we do😊 For Alexa’s birthday, we wanted to share some “fun-Alexa-facts” with you. Keep reading to learn all about our newest surgical assistant!

Alexa was born and raised in the Kansas City area, so she (obviously) loves the Kansas City Chiefs (and Patrick Mahomes (but who doesn’t love him!)). She spends most of her time chasing around her tiny toddler, who just turned one year old. Alexa loves her family very much, along with her three dogs (yes, Oakley Oral Surgery has another dog-lover on their staff) and her red wine🍷 She also love tacos, French fries and Reese (hint, hint😉)

Help us wish Alexa a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we hope you give her a warm welcome to the Oakley Oral Surgery team!!👏👏👏