Keep The Fire Alive

We are so excited to introduce our 25th year of education, “Keep the Fire Alive”. This Great Plains Study Club year is all about putting 2020 behind us….learning from “what was” and looking deep within ourselves to find a “fire” to move onward.

On June 11th we held our “final dinner” where we celebrated the start of a new study club program. The night was filled with food, entertainment, dancing, fire performers and great company! This unique, restored firehouse brought our theme to life. It was such a perfect space to celebrate with our Study Club members. Below you will find pictures from the final dinner. Thank you to all who made this night unforgettable!



Venue: The Fire House KC

Catering: Brancato’s

Balloons: Pop Culture Sculptures

Flowers: Maple Lane Designs

Fire Performers: Show Delivered

Photographer: Ellie Mansour