The big honcho, boss man and DOCTOR is turning one year older this weekend so let’s celebrate him all weekend long! Whether you’re his patient, employee, family or friend, you know Dr. Oakley does not settle for less than superb, which is why we want to make sure he has a superb birthday tomorrow. Now here are some things you may not know about Dr. Oakley…

Dr. Oakley was born a traveler. Although he was born in Wichita, he’s lived in Kansas City (twice), Denver, New York City and New Jersey all before high school. From high school through his residency at the University of Oklahoma (“Boomer Sooner” – Dr. Oakley) he lived in Oklahoma. As you may know, after residency he moved to the KC area (again) and began practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Oakley loves spending time with his family, including his two children, Anna Marie and Will, and his wife, Cherron. He also enjoys the simple things life, such as biking, music, a nice glass of chocolate milk and steak! What are some more of his favorite things? Skiing (especially in Steamboat, CO), anything dark chocolate, giving gifts (which is why Christmas is his favorite holiday) and eating at Café Provence.


Help us wish Dr. Oakley a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY this weekend! …And we may or may not continue the celebration through next week 😉