Oakley Oral Surgery & The Refresh Smile Concept

More than 100 million people in the United States are missing between 10 and 15 teeth. Approximately 50 million people are missing all of their teeth. Refresh Smile Concept gives these patients an opportunity to smile again with Oakley Oral Surgery.

Oakley Oral Surgery is dedicated to providing state of the art care in a familiar environment by people our patients know and trust because your restorative dentist is part of our team. The Refresh Smile Concept, allows for same day, full mouth fixed reconstruction, safely and efficiently, using traditional referral methods and an interdisciplinary approach. Our mission is to provide a world class team. Refresh Smile provides unprecedented support, protocols, education and overall care as a team.

Our team consists of practitioners with extensive years of experience joined together with Oakley Oral Surgery to share knowledge and systems. Collectively we enhance patient care and outcomes. We are there before, during and after to manage our patients’ needs and concerns. Together our shared knowledge and experience is greater than that of any individual practitioner on their own.

Your restorative dentist will continue to treat you throughout the process. We have had the opportunity to work with many restorative dentists in the Kansas City area already and look forward to continuing and growing our partnerships.

The Oakley Oral Surgery team consists of your restorative dentist, Dr. Richard Oakley, our implant product team, and a dental laboratory. We are committed to providing the highest standards of care at the forefront of Dentistry. Collectively we represent a tremendous depth of experience and knowledge in providing fixed immediate dental solutions for patients with a terminal dentition or who are currently wearing dentures. We feel strongly that through sharing, learning and networking we can offer this exciting solution safely, predictably and efficiently to those patients who are candidates. We have developed a method that has streamlined and broken down the learning and treatment process. We are there with you every step along the way!