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Why choose an oral surgeon for your oral surgery?

WHAT DOES AN ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON DO? Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon’s manage a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth and facial region. Some of the most common procedures performed include: • Placement of Dental Implants • Bone Grafts to Aid Placement of Implants and • Restore Lost Bone Structures • Removal […]


The big honcho, boss man and DOCTOR is turning one year older this weekend so let’s celebrate him all weekend long! Whether you’re his patient, employee, family or friend, you know Dr. Oakley does not settle for less than superb, which is why we want to make sure he has a superb birthday tomorrow. Now […]

February’s Great Plains Study Club meeting was a success!

We began the evening talking chocolate and learning how to make the perfect truffle with Michelle. Then we engaged in healthy conversations with a panel of local physicians: Dr. John Strickland (Urologist), Dr. Hillary Bownik (Gastroenterologist), Dr. Michael Parra (Family Physician) and Dr. James O’Keefe (Cardiologist). We took notes on some of the interesting points […]


We’re celebrating Heather today and her 16 (yes, one-six) years with us at Oakley Oral Surgery! Heather is one of our awesome surgical assistants. She’s always so helpful and caring toward everyone and we couldn’t imagine what it would be like these past 16 years without her! Here are some things you may not know […]


It’s odd to wish myself a happy birthday, but when you’re the Marketing Coordinator here at Oakley Oral Surgery, it’s what you do! I write almost everything you see posted online, including the birthday blog posts. If you’ve been following our birthday blog posts, you know each one shares fun facts about the birthday girl […]


Happy two years at Oakley Oral Surgery, Lauren! Lauren runs the front desk (and many other things) here at Dr. Oakley’s office. She’s been a great asset to the Oakley Oral Surgery team and we couldn’t function without her. Two months ago, when we wished her a happy birthday, we shared fun-Lauren-facts. Here are more! […]

The Opioid Epidemic

Almost a year ago, Dr. Oakley and his wife, Cherron walked out of the 2017 National Seattle Study Club meeting in Orlando, FL with a heavy weight on their shoulders. What were they going to do about the thousands of kids, teens and adults dying from an overdose on the legal prescription of opioids prescribed […]

Thankful for you!

Throughout this week, everyone at Oakley Oral Surgery has shared with you what they are thankful for. We’ve racked our brains and joked about the finer things in life we are all thankful for (stretchy pants, coffee, titanium…). Our staff has come to realize the small, one square foot white board doesn’t allow enough room […]

Happy (early) Birthday Lauren!

Oakley Oral Surgery wants to give a special shout out to this girl and wish her a happy birthday tomorrow! You may know her by her welcoming smile or cheerful voice that greets you every visit but there are some things you may not know about Lauren… She absolutely loves her family and friends, dogs, […]

Just text us!

NOW IT’S EVEN EASIER TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US We know you’re busy, so just send us a text! You don’t need to download an app or remember a short code, just text us like you would anyone else. Send us your questions about scheduling, care plans or preparations for you upcoming appointment when […]