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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Will my replacement teeth look natural? The results will likely exceed your expectations in regards to appearance, comfort and function. They will feel and look like a second set of permanent teeth. It has been said that dental implants are the most successful body replacement part known to man. What is the standard of care […]

Chats with Cherron

Did you know we have helpful videos that answer your frequently asked questions about dental implants? Our Implant Coordinator, Cherron takes the time to go through common questions about the dental implant process. This allows you to be as informed as possible before you come into our office! We hope you can use these videos […]

Let’s Grow Together

Our Great Plains Study Club may be a little different this year, but we are still growing together through the hard times of 2020. This Great Plains Study Club 2020-2021 year is all about planting new seeds and watching them grow even stronger! To start off the 2020-2021 year we thought it would be absolutely […]

Now Offering Virtual Consults!

Oakley Oral Surgery is now offering virtual consults! The virtual dental consult is a two-way conversation through video conference. During the dental video consultation, we will evaluate your dental condition and advise you what to do next. You are more than welcome to do an in person consultation, but if you would rather access an […]

Computer Guided Surgery

Why do I need Computer Guided Surgery? The main reason for using computer guided surgery is to increase the accuracy of implant placement and ultimately the placement of the crowns of the teeth. In some cases you might have 2 or more missing teeth that may be different sizes. The positioning of these implants will […]

Bone Grafting

If you’re missing one or more teeth, the best option for jaw support and functionality is a dental implant. Dental implants act and feel just like real teeth! When you have missing teeth for over a period of time, it can cause your jaw bone to weaken, or resorb. This often results in poor quality […]

Our “New Normal”

Walking into Oakley Oral Surgery is a bit different during a pandemic. We have been taking extra precautions to ensure the safety for team members, patients and any visitors. Our goal is to make you feel as safe as possible while helping you with your oral health goals. To achieve this goal, we have implemented […]

COVID-19 Update: April 27th, 2020

April 27th, 2020 Oakley Oral Surgery takes the health and safety of our patients and our staff seriously. It is our goal to make sure we keep those around us safe and well. During this time of uncertainty, we will not abandon our passion which is taking the best care of our patients safely. COVID […]

COVID-19 Update

Oakley Oral Surgery’s Update To Coronavirus  Updated March 17th, 2020 Dear Patients, Visitors, Family & Friends Though we are taking extreme precautions to mitigate any risks of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 for our patients and staff, we have still received many questions and wished to proactively address how we are responding.  As of this […]

Spring Break Means Wisdom Teeth Removal

Spring break is a perfect time for wisdom teeth removal! With no school and plenty of time to recover, you’ll be as good as new before spring break is over. First, you will need to schedule a surgical consultation so Dr. Oakley can examine the mouth. After the examination, Dr. Oakley can evaluate the position […]