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Oakley Oral Surgery would like to wish Melanie a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Melanie is our kind treatment coordinator here at Dr. Oakley’s office and she helps every patient find a treatment plan that fits their wants and needs. Although our patients may have met her a time or two, you might not know these fun facts about Melanie…

Mel is recently engaged to her fiancé, Dustin! Before working at Oakley Oral Surgery, she lived in Florida for a year, but was quickly reminded how much better Kansas is, so she returned (lucky for us😊). Some of our patients might remember seeing her on crutches recently which was due to her tragic case of the “clumsies” (sorry, Mel!). She tore her meniscus by petting her dog, Marley, and had to have surgery☹️. Don’t worry though, she’s doing much better now! She also has another pup, Nala and cat, David (does anyone else love that name for a pet?!). In her free time, Melanie enjoys working out, going to the dog park and laying by the pool.









Help us wish Melanie a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope her day is full of spending time with her family, friends, pets and fiancé, eating Starbursts (her favorite candy) and pasta (her favorite food), and drinking cherry limeades!



One more reason to celebrate in April, and it’s kind of a big deal! It’s Cherron’s birthday! She’s not only Dr. Oakley’s wife of 25 years, she is also our incredible implant coordinator. Anyone who has met Cherron, knows her like a good friend, but in case you want to learn more, here’s some fun facts for you…

Cherron’s a farm girl at heart. She can drive a tractor, ride a horse, rake hay, deliver a baby calf, show a sheep, make a wedding dress, kill a snake with a hoe, catch a fish, etc. etc. There’s not much she can’t do! In her free time, she’s either cooking, sewing, skiing, spending time with her family or friends or planning some sort of party or event.

As some of you may know, Cherron is (also) the coordinator for the Great Plains Study Club, and has been for 20 years. However, her love for dentistry started long before. She started filing charts for her family’s dentist when she was just 15 years old, and loved the dental industry so much, she went to dental hygiene school! After graduating, she was a dental hygienist for many dentists in Kansas City.

Just like Dr. Oakley, her favorite restaurant is Café Provence, favorite sports team is the Oklahoma Sooners (“Boomer” – Cherron), favorite vacation spot is Steamboat, CO and favorite holiday is Christmas… Can anyone say “match made in heaven?”

Help us celebrate Cherron today and all weekend actually by wishing her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Meet Dr. Richard Oakley


It’s Ashlee’s Work Anniversary!


There’s another anniversary to celebrate in April, and it’s Ashlee’s! Ashlee is one of our tremendous surgical assistants and she’s been with Oakley Oral Surgery for 15 years today! We’re not quite sure how we would get through the week without her sweet, fun and lively personality, but we’re going to have to learn soon enough😉 Why? Because Ashlee is expecting a sweet little nugget in just a few months! Here are some more things you may not know about Ashlee…

She absolutely loves spending time at the lake (or just in the sun, in general) and with her husband and her Martini Shhtzu, Tini. Summer is, of course, her favorite season, tacos are her favorite food and drinking wine is one of her favorite hobbies😏 She also enjoys exercising, watching KU basketball and going out to eat at J. Gilberts.

Help us celebrate Ashlee’s work anniversary today and wish her a happy 15 years with Oakley Oral Surgery!

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We’re Celebrating Shelly Today!

We want to give a special shout out to Miss Shelly today! She has officially been at Oakley Oral Surgery for six years now and we couldn’t imagine trying to file insurance claims (or go on snack-runs) without her! Here are some things you may not know about Shelly…

She IS Kansas City, born and raised, making her a lover of Jayhawk basketball and Sporting KC soccer. She also loves spending time with friends and family (including her children, Taylor and Elliot, and husband, Mike), watching musicals (especially Wicked!) and snuggling up with a good book, or her goldendoodle, Finley (who’s not spoiled at all 😉)! In her free time, she enjoys to read, play tennis, do yoga and do any kind of family or dog-related activity. If you’re feeling generous today and want to bring Shelly a gift to help her celebrate her work anniversary, she’d be happy with anything from Ponaks or Café Provence, Taco Republic tacos, pizza, white wedding cake or Twizzlers… just saying😊

Help us celebrate Shelly (with or without gifts/food), and wish her a happy six years of work with Oakley Oral Surgery!


Why choose an oral surgeon for your oral surgery?


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon’s manage a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth and facial region. Some of the most common procedures performed include:
• Placement of Dental Implants
• Bone Grafts to Aid Placement of Implants and
• Restore Lost Bone Structures
• Removal of 3rd Molars (Wisdom Teeth)
• Treatment of Children – Extraction for Orthodontics,
• Frenectomy Performed by Laser
• Management of Oral Pathology
• Orthognathic Surgery
• TMJ Disorder



Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the most highly qualified to place dental implants, extract teeth and perform other surgeries that involve oral structures and jaw bones. As stated by The Dental Implant Guide, “patients should understand that there is a significant difference between residency trained surgical specialists (oral surgeons and periodontists) and [general] dentists.” An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a dental specialist with hospital-based, residency-based experience, often recommended by your dentist (or other health care professional) to manage the entire mouth and reestablish structures of your teeth. “It is the extensive amount of training and experience of the surgical specialists that enables them to diagnose and manage the potential complications that can occur with surgical procedures.” This health and stability is vital to ensure the quality, longevity and aesthetics of your dental services and restorations. Your mouth is more than your center of expression, your instrument of communication and your vehicle of nutrition…it is your health. Oral disease can greatly affect your overall health, so proper attention must be given to your oral condition.


Visit www.thedentalimplantguide.org to learn more about surgical specialists, dental implants and more!



The big honcho, boss man and DOCTOR is turning one year older this weekend so let’s celebrate him all weekend long! Whether you’re his patient, employee, family or friend, you know Dr. Oakley does not settle for less than superb, which is why we want to make sure he has a superb birthday tomorrow. Now here are some things you may not know about Dr. Oakley…

Dr. Oakley was born a traveler. Although he was born in Wichita, he’s lived in Kansas City (twice), Denver, New York City and New Jersey all before high school. From high school through his residency at the University of Oklahoma (“Boomer Sooner” – Dr. Oakley) he lived in Oklahoma. As you may know, after residency he moved to the KC area (again) and began practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Oakley loves spending time with his family, including his two children, Anna Marie and Will, and his wife, Cherron. He also enjoys the simple things life, such as biking, music, a nice glass of chocolate milk and steak! What are some more of his favorite things? Skiing (especially in Steamboat, CO), anything dark chocolate, giving gifts (which is why Christmas is his favorite holiday) and eating at Café Provence.


Help us wish Dr. Oakley a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY this weekend! …And we may or may not continue the celebration through next week 😉



February’s Great Plains Study Club meeting was a success!

We began the evening talking chocolate and learning how to make the perfect truffle with Michelle. Then we engaged in healthy conversations with a panel of local physicians: Dr. John Strickland (Urologist), Dr. Hillary Bownik (Gastroenterologist), Dr. Michael Parra (Family Physician) and Dr. James O’Keefe (Cardiologist). We took notes on some of the interesting points they shared with our group:


  • People who play racquet sports, such as badminton and tennis, have a longer life expectancy (up to 9 years longer!)
  • Exercises such as running on the treadmill or using the elliptical aren’t proven to extend your life at all
  • Cardiologist, Dr. James O’Keefe recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week
  • Fasting for 12 or 14 hours every night (for instance, no food from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.) can significantly improve your health
  • Cut out sugar and processed foods
  • Don’t ignore the symptoms

During the panel discussion of current issues in diagnostic testing for both men and women, our medical panel explained which tests are necessary regardless whether your insurance company or the government tells you they’re not. Here are some the panel of local doctors recommended:

  • Blood pressure from time-to-time
  • Glucose level
  • Vitamin D
  • A1C (tells you what your sugar levels have averaged the past three months)
    • An ideal A1C level is below 5, but can easily be improved with a change in diet
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) at age 50 (or at age 30 with family history)
  • Everyone should be screened for colon cancer at age 50 (or before if you have family history of colon cancer)
    • If a first-degree relative had colon cancer before the age of 60, first-degree family members should be screened 10 years prior to when the relative was diagnosed
  • Upper endoscopy (if you’ve experienced heartburn/acid reflux for more than 8 years)
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C (if you are age 45 or older in 2018)

For more information on which test are right for you and how to improve your health, please consult with your doctor or specialist.



We’re celebrating Heather today and her 15 (yes, one-five) years with us at Oakley Oral Surgery! Heather is one of our awesome surgical assistants. She’s always so helpful and caring toward everyone and we couldn’t imagine what it would be like these past 15 years without her! Here are some things you may not know about Heather…

She absolutely loves spending time with her family, including her husband, daughter and Havapoo, Fuzzy Jack (she’s a dog lover just like the rest of us). Prior to working as a surgical assistant, Heather worked at New Theatre Restaurant, where she met most of the famous actors and actresses who were performing. Another fun fact, Heather’s been to the Tony Awards, sat on the 4th row (just casually behind Will Ferrell) and met Anne Hathaway, Lauren Graham and several other celebrities (so… she’s practically famous!).

Help us celebrate Heather, and wish her a happy 15 years of work with Oakley Oral Surgery today!


It’s odd to wish myself a happy birthday, but when you’re the Marketing Coordinator here at Oakley Oral Surgery, it’s what you do! I write almost everything you see posted online, including the birthday blog posts. If you’ve been following our birthday blog posts, you know each one shares fun facts about the birthday girl or boy. Here are some things you may not know about me…

I am the newest member of the Oakley Oral Surgery team and have worked here for exactly three months. I have a standard poodle named Clooney, who I adore (quite obsessed actually). I also love warm weather, vacationing, the Kansas State Wildcats and my friends, boyfriend and family. One of my favorite things to do is probably to go out to eat, especially Mexican food (mmm, chips and queso😃)!

Help wish me a happy birthday by liking us on Facebook @OakleyOralSurgery ! Thanks in advance for the birthday wishes😊


Happy two years at Oakley Oral Surgery, Lauren! Lauren runs the front desk (and many other things) here at Dr. Oakley’s office. She’s been a great asset to the Oakley Oral Surgery team and we couldn’t function without her.

Two months ago, when we wished her a happy birthday, we shared fun-Lauren-facts. Here are more!


Quoting elf year round

Good jokes

Happy people




Friends and family




The touch of paper (weird I know)

Being cold

Realizing the coffee is gone



Drink: Wine and diet ocean water from sonic

Food: Tuna casserole

Candy: Anything gummy, no chocolate

Movie: Twister, Walk the Line, Elf and The Bodyguard 

Song: Springsteen by Eric Church

Season: Fall

Sports Team: Royals, Chiefs and Kansas State


Help us wish Lauren a VERY happy work anniversary!